Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today!

  • Diabetes Prevention

    Every month
    Evidence-based weight loss/management program
    Valid for 12 months
    • CDC-recognized lifestyle change program
    • Program focuses on healthy eating and physical activity
    • Extensive support and guidance for nutrition
    • Work closely with a lifestyle coach
    • Support in setting and achieving healthy goals
    • Learn to recognize and overcome triggers
    • Embrace a healthier mindset and lifestyle
    • Cut your risk to develop type 2 diabetes in half

    Weight Loss/Mgmt.

    Every week
    4-week plan for weight control
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Extensive nutritional support and guidance for 4 weeks
    • Identify issues / behaviors contributing to your weight gain
    • Weekly, 30 minutes, one on one coaching meeting
    • Set weekly achievable and healthy goals
    • Learn how to recognize and overcome triggers
    • Learn how to overcome cravings
    • Lose weight and feel good
    • Regain confidence in ability for self-care
  • Hypertension Mgmt.

    4-week blood pressure control program
    Valid for one month
    • Work closely with personal coach for 4 weeks
    • Meet weekly with coach for private sessions
    • Extensive support and guidance from your coach
    • Identify behaviors affecting your blood pressure
    • Address those behaviors with weekly action plan
    • Set weekly achievable and attainable healthy goals
    • Address barriers that may arise to stall healthy goals
    • Work closely with coach to overcome barriers
    • Strengthen confidence in ability to manage blood pressure
    • Improve quality of life