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My blood sugar was 7.0, my health was in jeopardy with type 2 diabetes, and my doctor was ready to subscribe medication to control my A1C. I declined to take medications and he gave me an ultimatum. I had 3 months to make a lifestyle change and lower my sugar levels. I signed up for the diabetes plan in March 2019. Ms. Marie was my lifestyle coach. I receive the support, encouragement, and inspiration I needed to turn my life around. I took control of my health and started to make healthier choices with food and became more physically active. In 3 months, my blood sugar went down to 5.0, my doctor cleared me and I did not need medications. I am still maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I have never been happier. Thank you Ms. Marie for always believing in me. I am forever grateful.

Miss Wanda

A1C from 7.0 down to 5.0

Lose Weight More energy

I was  181 lbs, and was unhappy with my weight. A friend told me about the diabetes prevention program with Marie as a lifestyle coach. I joined the program and my life changed. I found the strength, encouragement, and willingness I needed to lose the weight. Weekly, Marie and I worked together to set achievable goals. Weekly, I successfully reached every single goals to eat healthier, stay active, and the weight melted off.  I am not 165 lbs and still maintaining. I feel great and I am grateful that God spoke into my life. I am still cooking healthy dishes from Marie's recipes and maintaining my healthy lifestyle.

Ms. Annette 

When I signed up for the Diabetes Prevention program, I had the pleasure to have Marie McClellan as my lifestyle coach.

I attended every sessions focusing on the changes that I was longing for. There were times when I got discouraged however Marie always found words to help me put things back in perspective.

My light bulb moment came toward the end of the program when she shared the glycemix index information and that was exactly what I needed. That seemed like something I could do fairly easy.  Everything started to make sense, I decided to put everything into practice, the majority of my food intake was vegetable, I reduced my protein intake, and paid attention to the glycemix index in food.   I have lost around 18 pounds and my BMI is no longer in the obese range where it had been for over 15 years.

During this journey I discovered that many foods I thought were good for me were full of carbs, sodium and sugar. I was a carb lover but when those pounds began to fall off , so was my relationship with unhealthy carbs. I now love cauliflower rice and homemade tuna fish salad!

To maintain my weight I still read the labels and make healthy choices and I use my Fitbit. I've set new goals but I don't get hung up on the numbers on the scale, I allow my body to adjust accordingly. I am still embracing this healthier lifestyle and food choices. I thank Marie for her dedication in helping me take care of my body. I give God all the praise and glory.

Ms. Eunicia

Lost 18 lbs

Weight Loss Heathy lifestyle changes

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